Superheroes I’d Want On My Team!


1. Track&FieldSuperman_0002








2. Boxing 

Thing_v2_1_coverart GL4_Fist the_hulk_basic_by_rockydavies-d5kfcb1

3. Basketball

elastigirl The_Impossibles__Coil_Man_by_DMC_Designs 946528-mr._fantastic_1

4. Shot put

5250428_f260 captain_america_2_by_vinroc-d3hlgj7 Thor_Odinson_(Earth-616)_013







5. Rock Climbing

spiderman_by_bybyhime-d60j52z 3654681-0672353789-art_a BatmanClimbingTowel1







Ain’t Nobody Messing With Us 😀




Time Travelling For Change

“Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?

(Thanks, atana’s world!, for inspiring this prompt!)”

smoke-stack_cap-and-trade-2Pause for a moment and set your oven timers, stop watches or hour glasses, whatever you decide to use it will only take a minute to realize that modern marvels are indeed contributing some unintended bad to our home, planet earth.

Governance, safety, climate,living conditions and I could go on about the things that have changed not entirely for good in the 21st century. Many will argue that this is not so and try their best to carve out reasons to prove that these changes are indeed positive. Not to say that it was perfect before, but looking back and comparing yester-years to present day they made it work with whatever “limited” (according to us of course) technologies they had.

After sitting and wondering, what were they doing then that we aren’t doing now I was almost shoved into choosing the time machine as the gadget I would purchase from the local electronics store.

The_Time_MachineGoing back and observing how cities, towns and countries were developed from pure man power would give me an idea of the moral foundations on which we stand today. It is key to understand how they conserved energy without war, distributed food with little squabble and fought to maintain wild life and forestry.

The idea is not to become a 21st century cave man, but understanding how those before us survived, traveled and hunt with little or no harm to the environment and themselves would be an asset for us moving forward.

2014 and beyond – My top three Reggae acts.

use1Being born in Jamaica it is almost impossible to have never heard the word reggae, or done a few “skanks” of your own to a smooth reggae beat. I am a fan of most genres of music but why reggae stands out to me is the medium it provided for Jamaicans to be heard during our time of oppression.

Reggae Fact: Reggae is a music genre first developed in Jamaica in the late 1960s.

Here now are my three favorite artistes whom I feel will continue to build this rhythmic, illustrative and message filled genre. Enjoy!

  1. Damian Jr. Gong Marley

Damian_MarleyI was not yet born when Bob Marley and his famous band walked the streets of Kingston, but his son Damian has taken up the torch from where his father left it and ran steadfast into the 21st century. His sly use of lyrics and the ability to tell a story in his music are just a few reasons why Jr. Gong made first on my list. He has taken reggae music world wide without diluting its content, that in my book is a plus x 3!

With hits like Still Searching, Welcome to JamRock and Recently Affairs of the Heart I see this young Marley making daddy proud.

Reggae Fact: There are over 200 Reggae Festivals worldwide each year.

  1. Protoje

protojeB20110301GTCrash landing on the scene in 2010 with his smash hit JA, reggae new comer Protoje finds himself in the number two spot. This young artiste of musical background embeds himself deep into the culture of reggae music. What he brings to the table is an arsenal of lyrics able to riddle the brain with thoughts of self-worth and understanding ones roots.  One of the most memorable Protoje tracks and a personal favorite is Rasta Love featuring Kymani Marley. Here is a snippet of his verse:

And she wants to be free

From all this captivity

So she’ll be who she will be

They cyan tell her who she need

They cyan tell her who she want

Who she cant, she’s have her owna chant

Chart har owna plot

And colour har owna art

Call mi over her own apartment

Know as I answer da phone that’s the tone she start with

She know seh she know doh fi par with

One like I, even though so much him part it

But she haffi do har owna thing

Cah she cyan never live life a dem

Knowing dat she will look back when

To the time when she couldn’t explain to him cause den [Protoje]

Reggae Facts: There are over 15 Music forms that have been derived from reggae. 

  1. Chronixx

Chronixx-photoWithout second thought he is definitely the youngest member of this list, taking hold of the number 3 spot is Chronixx. He is only 21 years old but I’m sure if you know Jamaica you have heard his name recently.  He is the perfect example of why age is just a number if you do what you love and do it from the heart.  In what is still a young career Chronixx has won over the hearts of many reggae fanatics with his piercing melodies and songs of hope.  His youthful image and character makes him an ideal soldier to march on, beating the conga and spreading the healing powers of reggae.

Reggae Fact: If Bob Marley was still alive he would be worth $130 Million.

There you have it, my 3 faves’ destined to make a difference and make Reggae a world renowned genre!

I hope you learned a thing or two about Jamaica and its music now go and show these artistes some love… of course they are on YouTube 😀

Little Jaws In Bayonne

We are much like great whites, to stay alive we have to keep swimming (Y)

Through Open Lens


I came across this little guy enjoying the sun in the shallow waters of Bayonne  New Jersey’s harbor.  This small shark was splashing around so much that it attracted the attention of two American Coot’s to swim up and see what the commotion was all about. For a second there I thought that this would have been an interesting battle, but the Coot’s swam away at the sight of the shark.

shark and american coot

Interesting Fact: A few of the known shark species will drown if they stop moving. Great white, mako and salmon sharks don’t have the muscles they need to pump water through their mouth and over their gills. As long as they keep swimming, water keeps moving over their gills, keeping them alive. ( )

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