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My Life As A Shoe.


Here I am on a shelf, for sale! As if i have no soul!


I see you walk by as if you don’t see me

Then you take me down try me on and place me back on the shelf!


Before you know it the door slams shut the lights go off;

I spend another night hanging high but feeling low.


My deliverer walks in, you stare at me with that “your’re the one” look in your eyes

I’m your size, your style your perfect fit

Now I’m in a box on my way to live inside your closet.

I’m now the bomb you wear me all day,

I must admit I’ve Never been treated this way :-$

But shoe life…

it ain’t no walk in the park

well yeah, its a walk alright one that wears you out

Where do I end up? I’m on a top shelf in your closet

Where all the junk go,

Hanging high but feeling low.


rainyYou leave your home from up so high

To quench the earth that got so dry

We need you

Though unpredictable you are.

You fill our streams with your tears of hope

Doing it while having fun, sliding down the slippery slopes

We cant ignore you

It is known when you are near.

How friendly of you to visit us all

And you still do it, though we capture you in our reservoirs

You are quite the celebrity

Weathermen follow you all the time.

Despite our attempts to keep you here

You evaporate and elude us to be up there

But you will come again buddy old pal

P.S give me a call before you do šŸ˜€


Mad Men.

TheĀ unsound mind will roam the streets

until they find a bit to eat

home is where they stop to sleep

they keep it moving to keep the peace.

On The Other Hand……….

Men of sound mind rage war for a bone

they divide and destroy to create their homes

they find pleasure in war and know no peace

they take the most and give the least.

Are you mad? Or are you of sound mind? There is no pressure, I leave you to decide.