Our True Purpose

critical-thought How long should it really take someone to figure out what exactly their true purpose is? A question we don’t usually ask aloud but deep inside we strive to find our selves. A few years after birth? Several decades? An entire century (If your lucky that is)? And if we spend all the time we were allotted searching, when exactly do we live this “dream” and make use of our discovered potential?

So far on my quest to find who I am, or who  I was meant to be, I’ve met two kinds of people, both impacting me in a unique way. They are The Dreamers and The Dreamers.

Dreamer number one, has the entire thought process figured out, down to the last T. They can tell you everything you need to know about a particular subject, all the pros and cons but what I have learnt is that this dreamer has no plan nor the guts to execute and make this dream a reality. So dreamer number one, dreams all day and is quick to criticize and they speak as if they have all they answers, probably they do, who knows?

Dreamer number two also has a dream, some of the details may be a bit sketchy, but there is always a well detailed plan of exactly how each milestone will be reached and passed. This dreamer will influence you to take a risk, be bold, walk with your chin up, and “take the bull by the horn.” To have a dream is half the story they will tell you.

Now back to the initial thought, finding our true selves. Dreamer number one or dreamer number two? I think it starts with figuring out where you stand then making whatever change is necessary. I’ve been told many times that the pieces will fall into place, but I took it a bit further to say:

“The pieces will fall into place, After you go out and find them.”


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